Illustrated White Cats

Membership Group

I believe creativity grows wild within a community that isn’t afraid to challenge you. As a

professional canvas and furniture artist, I created the exclusive online Niss & That Membership Group

to help artists connect with one another while finding inspiration through guided tutorials and lessons.

Canvas Art

As an artist, everything I create has a mainline from my heart to my hands. No matter what inspired an

original creation, I want my artwork to take on an entirely new meaning once it enters your hands and

becomes a member of your family. While I can create custom pieces to celebrate special occasions or

speak to your personal style, I also offer beautiful canvas available for

purchase — right here, right now.


There are few transformations more striking than taking a quality piece of well- loved furniture and

giving it new life with just a paintbrush and a little mischief. Furniture painting was my re-entry into art

after years of chasing other dreams, and I will always be grateful for that creative awakening.

Furniture Tutorials

Niss & That is proud to produce wonderful video content for all of you to enjoy. Here, you’ll be able to follow her through the creative process, and the creative journey.